Part B Medical Payments


Medical payments is the part of a Florida auto insurance policy that pays expenses incurred for any necessary medical or funeral services to an insured injured in an accident.  In Florida, payments are without regard to fault or legal liability, as Florida is a no fault state.

In order to be eligible for the Medical Payments section of the auto policy, expenses must be incurred within three years from the date of the accident to any insured.


  1. Many of the exclusions on Medical Payments are similar to Part A or the Liability Payments.  Thus there is no coverage for injuries:
  2. While occupying a motorized vehicle with less than four wheels.
  3. While using your covered auto as a public or livery vehicle.
  4. If workers compensation benefits are payable.
  5. While occupying a vehicle that is not covered under your policy.
  6. While occupying an auto for business purposes.
  7. While occupying a vehicle without permissions.
  8. Anything to do with racing is excluded.

How Losses are Paid

Any amount payable for Medical Payments coverage is reduced by any amounts payable for the same expense under Liability, PIP or Uninsured Motorists coverages.

An insured’s Medical Payments coverage is primary, with respect to other available medical payments coverage, when occupying owned automobiles, and excess when occupying non-owned autos.

Medical Payments limits apply “per person.”  Common limits are $500, $1,000, $2,000, and $5,000; various other limits are often available.



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